Connie is exactly the right combination of tough and encouraging. Heroptimistic attitude, enthusiasm and knowledge are what make her exemplary. There is nobody I would rather train with, and nobody else I would want to consult regarding anything to do with fitness and/or nutrition. I would be very confident referring her services to anyone seeking to better him or herself. Anita Kunz, Artist, Order of Canada

I’ve trained with Connie for two years now – two times a week helps me keep up the daily effort to maintain my health. I’ve already achieved more than I could have dreamed of. She’s so much more than a personal trainer – she is my lifeline and personal motivator. Connie’s got a 6th sense, as most days she knows what part of me needs attention, without me telling her about it. Before sessions, I’m excited to see her and exercise with her and after, I’m ready, both physically and emotionally to face the day! Sheila – a busy and hard working flight attendant. 

 Connie is a fitness advisor and instructor – she has knowledge and skills in so many areas of fitness and health, the title of personal trainer doesn’t do her justice. Having been the proverbial 98lb weakling, she has made me feel at home in her studio and I now have some definition, which I’ve never had before. I love our conversations during the sessions, even when I’m a bit resistant and whiny – she has a great style and sense of humour. She has become like a friend who has helped me feel better about myself. Brian – retired, man about town.

 As I got older, my long body started complaining. I can’t work as hard on my own, nor would I have a clue what I need. I’ve seen a couple of trainers in the past, but Connie has changed my life – quite seriously! She has focused on me and my body as an individual, I’m not ‘just another client’. She’s always learning and curious. And she seems to always have the right trick up her sleeve if something like my knee hurts doing something that should not affect my knees. Connie will break down the activity and re-build from the ground up so the right muscles are ready to do the work.   I usually come to her gym tired and stiff and I leave feeling exhausted and energized. In a word, Connie is brilliant. Stephen – entrepreneur. 

I've been training with Connie for 15 years. She has always been in such good shape herself – it is a testimony to what she knows and how she trains. I’m always amazed at her ability to figure out what my body needs and what my mental state is when we workout. She is constantly learning new exercises and incorporates them into my program to keep things fresh and motivating. I can't imagine anyone not benefiting from working with her. Robin – Actor, Psychic

I have had the pleasure of [personal] training with Connie weekly for the past four years.  She has become a friend, part of my support system and a key member of my wellness team. Committing to a weekly, ongoing session was an important investment for me in terms of my health and overall well-being.  Connie has had a tremendous impact on my physical health and stress management. Perhaps more importantly, Connie has helped me look at fitness/exercise in a different, more wholistic, way.  I no longer look at a personal training session as a checkmark on the list of my weekly tasks but rather as part of self-care and a long-term commitment to a better lifestyle. Never staid her approach, Connie provides individualized training recognizing what I need week-to-week. I always look forward to spending time with Connie. Rachel – Lawyer.

 Connie’s a rare find – I believe among the very best at what she does. She’s able to overcome my inertia and slows down the clock. She knows what I can do and what I can’t do and cares about my health. More than once has helped me come back from injury. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge and ways of approaching fitness and personal performance.  Connie has her own plan session to session. I don’t try to change that but if there is something I want to work on such as flexibility or recovery from an injury I simply bring it up and we add it to the plan. During sessions Connie explains why we are doing some of the things we do and how they interconnect. She explains sensations I should be feeling and we monitor to make sure exercises are hitting the right spots. Connie’s sessions are the absolute best part of my week. Peter, Magazine Publisher