Area Fitness has an established qualified team of trainers who come from various backgrounds, who are all passionate about fitness and helping others reach their goals.


Connie Cornelius, Owner

· Certified Personal Trainer – 25 years

· Completed Kinstretch Seminar

· ISSA certification – Strength and Conditioning Certification

· ELDOA certified Level 1 - 4 []

· Functional Anatomy certification – FR™

· Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

·      Agastu Joint Mobility Movement Certification []

· Downward Dog Yoga Certification & Detour Yoga certification – 500+ hours of yoga teacher training

· The Institute of Holistic Nutrition – Nutrition Consultant, Honours Graduate.

· Northern Karate - Black Belt in Shotokan Karate

· Winner of Lightweight Bodybuilding Championship – Miss Toronto 1989

In high school, I couldn’t get enough of competitive sports, especially track and field. And at 18, I relocated to Toronto and enrolled in the health studies program at York University.

Post-graduate, the Health and fitness industry wasn’t my first stop. Instead, I worked as a legal assistant on Bay St. and prepared to take the Law School Admissions Test and one day become a lawyer. I realized however that health and fitness was more than a passion - it defined me. I took the decision to make a living out of what I loved to do and began helping others improve their physical condition as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant.

Favourite exercise: Chin Up

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Derek Clement RMT, Head Trainer

Derek has always been an active person. Growing up as a competitive acrobat and gymnast, fitness became apart of his life at a young age. He has been training a wide range of clients since 2010 and went to George Brown College for Fitness and Lifestyle Management. Since then, Derek has studied at Sutherland-Chan for Massage Therapy, and became an RMT with the CMTO. He continues to stay active through MMA training, most recently winning his debut amateur fight. Derek has worked with athletes to newbies, both in fitness and massage. His goal is to help his clients become the strongest and fittest versions of themselves. 

Favourite exercise: Squat

I have been working with Derek for the past three years - which is a long time for me to stick with a trainer!  Derek keeps the workouts fresh by frequently introducing new exercises, and he's not afraid to push me to ensure I achieve my goals.  Even though I may curse him at the time I always leave feeling good about myself.  

Andrew, CEO Lawrence Park Asset Management


Stephanie Belding, Trainer

 Stephanie is a Can Fit Pro certified personal training specialist, with over 13 years of experience, specializing in functional, form-based fitness and strength conditioning.  She has a dedicated focus on strength, mobility, and conditioning within proper form and neuromuscular recruitment. Exercise correction, modification and education are the base of how Stephanie coaches her clients. Each body is unique, every person's goals are individual, so Stephanie strives to meet clients where they are at so they can grow together mindfully and with purpose. Stephanie's athletic background includes completive fastball, volleyball, modern/contemporary dance, tennis, multi sport athletic training, bodybuilding, running, swimming and cycling. A long time vegan, Stephanie is a former Vega Ambassador with a passion for plant based baking and cooking.

Favourite exercise: Single Arm Kettle Bell Clean + Press

Stephanie is an amazing trainer and all around wonderful human being. I first started training with Stephanie pre-wedding and she made sure I was in tip-top shape for my big day. From the very beginning she has taken time to understand my goals and personal needs. She provides continuous advice and dynamic workouts that are fun and attentive without being judgmental or intimidating. As a busy working professional I also appreciate her flexible approach to our training schedule. She is easy to reach and always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have. Stephanie's passion and commitment to her clients is exceptional and I'm so happy to be working with her.

Nicole Watson -  Community Development Officer, City of Toronto

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Esien Anwan, Trainer

Fitness and wellness are an integral part of his life. He takes his experience of competing in Track & Field, studying Human Kinetics and playing football at University, and applies that experience to his clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. Esien has experience training athletes getting ready for competition to people looking to improve their personal level of fitness and body composition.

Favourite exercise: Push Up

I love working with Esien as my trainer.   He is very skilled and knowledgeable, and I have seen great results since I started working with him. He ensures to make the most of every minute in the session, using all time efficiently including breaks (which he will discuss nutrition).  He does not let you slack yet also is very mindful about form and injuries.  I hired for wedding prep, but will continue working with him after the wedding as it has been so great!  I would highly recommend him as a trainer. 

-Bridzilla (or Deborah), Lawyer